The process by which an individual’s conception of how truth and meaning can be derived undergoes an unalterable transformation and subsequently, once a critical mass of individuals have done so, the society will follow likewise.


What better way to reach this critical mass of individuals than by safeguarding their intellectual development (brainwashing) the populace from an early age. The youth are the key to the future, so they are the key to any hopeful revolution just as they are the key to maintaining a status quo. How the youth are educated either propels us closer to a singularity, a revolution, or further from the center of the maze and out towards where we started.


Just as a fire needs open air as much as fuel to grow, so too do humans need a splash of freedom to understand their oppression. This quote by Tocqueville from Lapham’s Quarterly perfectly illustrates this theme. After all, could the French Revolution have started without some concession of Enlightenment by the great powers of Europe? This allowed the free flow of radical ideas, and although they were permitted to blaspheme against the authorities that did not slow the burn toward a revolution, instead it acted as an accelerant.


Any particular compendium of tried and tested tools, such as the arts, history, linguistics, etc. (ad infinitum), that serves to illuminate and reframe “humanities”.


However, to define Humanities or humanities you must play a game of definitions: what is human, or who is a human? This question is not simple and will inherently deal with exclusions if you seek any kind of descriptive definition (just ask John Locke).


Any uniquely human experience. A ‘human experience’ being defined as anything that can be or has been consciously experienced by an individual or collection of individuals and is therefore subject to an indefinite degree of speculation and reframing for any given observer. The humanities are, therefore, inexhaustible.